September 22 2012

We copy this email that we received (below) as we support the campaign to ban insufficiently-tested, potentially dangerous Genetically-engineered food. Please support the campaign, thanks.

Dear friends,

We need your help now to help keep unauthorised, untested GMOs out of the food chain.

Please see action details here, and write to your supermarket today.

As you will recall, the Commission successfully removed the EU’s zero tolerance policy for untested GMOs in animal feed last year. Animal feed imports can now contain a low level of GMOs that have not been through the EU’s authorisation process. The UK Government supported this erosion of European food safety standards and is keeping an open mind about untested GMOs in food.

Moves earlier this year to end Europe’s zero tolerance policy in human food were delayed, but there is now every indication that the Commission will table a proposal very soon.

UK supermarkets claim own-brand products do not contain GM, but these assurances will be impossible to believe if zero tolerance is dropped and low-level unauthorised, untested GMOs are permitted in the food chain untraced and unlabelled. GM Freeze has written to all UK supermarkets asking them to press the UK Government to reject any such move so non-GM will mean non-GM, but they have been slow to react. They need to hear from shoppers that untested GMOs have NO place in our food, and they should help keep it out.

Please do write today. We will keep this action updated as the situation develops.

Many thanks,

Eve Mitchell
Coordinator – GM Freeze
+44 (0)1381 610 740

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September 20 2012


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