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Nov 2, 2012 


A Muslim lady from Lebanon

The chicken was really, really tasty, you can certainly taste the difference.        I made soup; I did not need chicken stock for the soup (!) and still my family kept asking “Are you sure you didn’t put spices in the soup??”

Oct 5, 2012

Rabbi T,  London NW11.

“You are doing a precious thing in the eyes of hashem, b’ezrat hashem, may you be successful.”

(On hearing that at least 12 people have told me, or intimated, that they ate organic non-kosher meat, instead of factory-farmed kosher meat, and therefore my service brings people back to kashrut).

Sep 24 2012

Mrs Maynard, Manchester: I think that they are delicious. 

Sep 23 2012

Mrs R, Belsize Park, London: Your chickens had a strong taste, and firm texture, with an old-fashioned flavour, just like they used to be.

Sep 12 2012

D J J Cowan from Kingsbury: I ate the liver at lunchtime. I have to say it was easily the best liver I have tasted so far…… Do you have any more now or can you double the liver order for the next time? Shana Tovah David

March 2012 – from Amy at Kosher Roast (the UK’s only pop-up kosher restaurant) I bought it (ed: our OK liver) and was VERY impressed.  Made chicken liver mousse!  Also, the chicken was very good and it was very exciting going to the shop, bringing it home, tweeting all the way haha.


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