Sunday 23 September 2012

Many of you have asked us to produce fresh chicken weekly.  We would love to do this, of course.  Here is the situation.

There are 600 of you (our pioneers!) who receive this newsletter.

The minimum number of chickens the abattoir will now process is 800.

It has taken 22 years, of periodic production, to get to the point where we have built up demand to be able to do our first batch of 800.

Let’s see if we can do it in just 2 years, not another 22!  To enable us to produce 800 fresh chickens weekly … we need 800 people buying them weekly.

You are our best ambassadors. Be “evangelical”! Please tell as many people as possible :-

mothers’ groups,

internet special interest groups

environmental groups,

people at cheder, shul,

people at your mosque (c.10% of you are Muslim and there are probably 10-12 x as many Muslims as Jews in the UK). Please see  

Please let all your friends, family and colleagues know.

Sunday 9 September 2012

The chickens are almost all packed, frozen and ready for delivery to London on Tuesday.

If you are in Manchester you are probably enjoying them already which is not fair because I haven’t even had one myself.

Now that both the abattoir and packing plant are certified organic and know what they are doing, I don’t have to shlep 400 miles up and down from London to Manchester and back to supervise operations.

This means that I can guarantee to hold the prices again – prices did not rise in 2011, will not rise in 2012 and I aim to hold them for 2013 also, (unless something unforeseen and drastic happens). 

If anyone can give me an example of any other kosher product in the UK, Europe, nay the world that is the same price or cheaper than its non-kosher alternative then I will eat my (organic kosher) hat. We did a comparison last year (excluding supermarkets), and you can see that our prices are very competitive for organic food.

I manage this because I run the business on a very lean basis, almost never pay to advertise, cut costs to the bone and make a low profit.

Leon Pein

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