Keeping it Kosher


A campaign to reduce the Jewish community’s carbon footprint, and improve its health – by avoiding foods from factory farming, and containing dangerous pesticides and artificial additives – has resulted in a London Board for Shechita, and Manchester Beth Din – supervised service to supply Organic Kosher produce.

Organic farming is the ultimate in

  • low carbon,
  • low input,
  • low residue farming,

and so Organic Kosher food should, arguably, be the food of choice for Jewish environmentalists, seeking to reduce pollution and global warming.

What better way to put your environmental ideals into practice, than avoiding factory-farming and eating Free Range Organic Kosher GM-free meat and poultry.

With a view to bringing more people back to kashrut …

Many people have told us (or intimated) that they ate organic non-kosher, instead of factory-farmed kosher meat and poultry.

It is likely that 20, 50, or even 100 times that number of people have actually done it.

With the advent of certified Organic Kosher food, these people can now have what they need and want, and has helped reverse the trend of people moving away from kashrut.


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